I am fortunate to share my life with three amazing human beings. My husband is a one-of-a-kind, never-say-die, work-your-butt-off-give-it-all-you’ve-got sort of guy. He navigates life with optimism, has a gift for spot-on analogies and is a man of integrity who is seeking to know God and serve others. Just the kind of person you’d be lucky to grow old with. And he’s very funny too. That is, unless he’s getting on my nerves in which case he isn’t. At all.

And then there’s our daughters. The girls. Anna and Peanut bring much joy to my life. I used to say that’s when I knew that God loved me; when he picked me to be their mom. Adopted from China as infants, they changed my life (good as it was) from a black and white photograph into full blown color.

We are also home to a veritable zoo: Dotty, a miniature piebald daschund, Lyla the ragdoll feline, and a couple of egg-laying Rhode Island Reds. Tornado, our petite and ancient (40 years old by the vet’s guess) pony, was rehomed last year to a family with smaller people. Peanut had grown so tall her feet nearly touched the ground. T is living out his golden years on a beautiful patch of green lushness in Leipers Fork.

It’s still strange to think that we have become cat people. In fact, to put it mildly, it was about as likely to happen (from the Mr.’s perspective) as seeing pigs fly. But Peanut was fixated on the notion that Anna must have a cat for her birthday and she began a focused, formidably offensive campaign to wear her father down. He raised the white flag about three days before Anna’s birthday and we welcomed home a tiny one-pound kitten. While he swears he still hates cats in general he has grown quite attached to this rambunctious sassy mischievous interactive ball of fluff who is now twice the size of Dotty and still growing.

We have made a great life together. Navigating our fair share of hard times (we live in Williamson County, so that’s not saying much when you consider the rest of the world) and driving one another nuts on a regular basis, I think that we do a pretty good job of laughing at ourselves and loving each other as often as possible. I am truly blessed.

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